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Our Photo Team is highly trained in working with children to capture the best images possible on picture day. Please refer to these tips to see how you can help.


Before Picture Day

Prepare your younger children about the picture day procedure by talking to them about what to expect.  It is best not to coach a young child to smile, rather let the photographer evoke a pleasant expression. The more comfortable the child is with the process, the more natural the smile will be. 


Keep bows, ribbons, and headbands small.  We will need to crop your child's image to a consistent head size for yearbook and school services. Avoid fresh haircuts or new hairstyles.  DO wash, curl, and prepare your child's hair for this special day.  We will do our best to neaten a hairstyle, but we will not change it.  We always use sterile combs if we need to comb hair and they are used once and discarded.


For best results, we recommend solid colors and prints in medium to dark tones.  PLEASE AVOID SOLID WHITE AND NEON COLORS. Neon colors are highly reflective and do not photograph well.  Subjects photographed wearing neon colors will have the neon color reflected under the chin and the lower sides of their face.  If we are photographing a green screen program, please avoid wearing green as it makes your torso invisible to the camera.  You will be notified through your picture day flyer and on this site if a particular program is green-screen.


School Portraits capture an irreplaceable moment in time.  If your child has braces, it is best to let them pose with their natural smile, rather than hiding them.  As parents, we wanted to memorialize every stage in our children's lives, and braces were a natural part of their middle school experience.


On Picture Day

With our School Pics™ Spring program, there is no money required on picture day.  Portrait selections will be sent home later, and you can make your portrait selections at  home.


Spring 2020 Background Shown



Picture Process 

Approximately two weeks after picture day, your child will bring home completed packages for you to purchase.  For  your convenience, we accept cash, check, and we offer online payment options as well.

Be sure to process your portrait payment or return your un-purchased portraits by the DUE DATE on the proof envelope. 


Name Corrections

The packages have first name personalization, and your child's name will be listed as they appear in the official school roster.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email customer service at: or call our office at 480-664-1820.

Fundraising Event

Please note SchoolPics donates a portion of your order to support programs at school that benefit your child.  This is a great way to get behind your child's school and have a treasured keepsake as well! 

Un-purchased Portrait Pages

The portrait pages you receive are the property of SchoolPics, and must be returned if you decide you do not want to buy and keep them.  Any returned pages are securely shredded and recycled.


Don't forget to purchase enough portraits to share with family and friends.  Your portraits will be a treasured memory of your child's school years.  Portraits truly become more valuable as each year passes!